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Full Time Program
FRED in its existence for the last seven years have gone through a complete cycle of research to find the gaps in the social, humanities and management curriculum and offerings by various leading schools across the world.
FRED with its eminent advisors debated on the futuristic curriculum which is needed over a period of time. After several rounds of discussions and debate it has been decided that the students who come out of the FRED institute should have the quality of appreciating the importance of People, Profit and Planet, giving equal importance too all three aspects.
The full time program / courses will be designed and offered to build the competency and knowledge in theseareas.

The concept of “crucible theory” is used and incorporated in to the course curriculum for the transformation of the students. FRED aims to make an impact by transforming the students while they come out of the institute with the difference: Consciousness, Compassion, Competency, Competitive and Conserving quality. That will be our core quality and different offering to the individual, organizations, communities and societies.
The full time program will be offered as soon as the infrastructure needs are met with necessary government approvals.