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Summer School
Summer School is a unique program with the origins from the western world. FRED embraces the concept with a "local touch" as in India the schools curriculum structure is well defined and executed with strict norms and policies. However the need for introducing the children to the hands on approach, experiential. Learning along with methods of tapping creativity and innovation is not well addressed. FRED identified that "gap" and try enhance the capability of the children by using the concept of summer school. The educational institutions, teachers and parents play a vital role in providing high standards of education and holistic learning to the child. But the responsibilities, doesn't just stop there!
FRED Summer School offer classes that excite, challenge, and engage young minds. Students pursue interests that appeal to them. The dynamic atmosphere will inspire intellectual curiosity and activate creative expression beyond the offerings, typically found in a standard summer camp. Students will receive extraordinary care from Summer School - Singapore (SSS) facilitators as they pursue academic excellence in a virtually limitless array of possibilities. SSS takes the rigor of the FRED curriculum and then lets a student experience what is possible when they are truly free to explore at their own speed. We believe we are providing students a glimpse into the future of education in the fields of science, technology and business.
In this context FRED is offering a valuable summer educational experience for the children with the age group of 13 years to 18 years.
The philosophy behind the whole initiative is "Catch Them Young" and make them responsible and successful citizens.
Summer School Singapore Registration Form
FRED - 2020 Brochure
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